Sunday, April 6, 2014

Opinion | Trends

Hello! It's been quite some time (I've been to London meanwhile!). I'm here to share my personal relationship with the so-called trends.
I'm not really into following trends because 1) I simply wear what I like 2) I don't have the $$$ to invest in a new wardrobe every season (no. 2 being the main reason). Also, it always takes me a while to get used to a new trend (e.g. I still don't like culottes), and when I actually start to like it, it whether is outdated or is wayyy too mainstream for me.
I'll illustrate with a couple of examples - culottes! About a year and a half ago, when they started to appear in the runways, a lady from a vintage shop tried to make me buy a pair of denim culottes and to be honest, if she had tried to make me buy any and I mean any other thing from the store I'd just go for it (the lady was around 50 years old and was wearing a perfect little black dress with black tights and red doc martens, you can't simply say no to someone that well dressed), but culottes, please... !
Another example, baggy/boyfriend jeans, they've been out for so much time! And only now I'm starting to love them, and they aren't outdated already (yay!), plus I haven't seen many people wearing them in my city so I'll give them a though (maybe white ripped boyfriend jeans, yummy).
And finally, the most tragic fashion frustration of mine - the camo pattern - it was one of those one-season-only-trend and I liked it at the time, one of those rare occasions when I just fall instantaneously for a trend and I found an amazing pair of Zara camo jeans, on sale, for 7€ (*my heart is racing* honest) and why didn't I bought them: my mom told me they made me look fat! That's her trick to make not want to buy something she herself doesn't like (that or telling me something looks like my grandmas clothes)... In another occasion I tried on a Pull&Bear oversize camo shirt, also on sale, for 10€ and a friend of mine told me it looked too big on me (that's pretty much the definition of oversize, but oh well)... Ok, I'll admit the pants I wouldn't wear them that much but c'mon 7€! The shirt on the other hand, I'd have worn like one hundred thousand times by now!!! And now, 2014, years after that one-season-only-trend came out, I'm not going to invest in any camo-thing because it is completely outdated and I don't even see it in any store and every time I look to my wardrobe I regret not buying that goddamn shirt (it would look so good hangin' in my closet, next to my other beauties).
Well, that's all! And I just realized I actually wrote a very angry decent sized article (if I might call it that) for this neglected blog of mine.
Kiss, Kae.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

InstaKae #1

Noooooo! I'm in that time of the school year when I have tests and exams every week + presentations & group works + it's rainy, windy and cold and I hate Winter! I've been studying everyday and I can't even go out on weekends *crying* I really need a vacation. Anyway here's what been up lately on Instagram, follow me by the way :P

This was taken when the weather was nice, and I still had no bangs and short hair...

Kebab time, delish!

October 2013

September 2013

August 2013

01st, January 2014, new haircut! #not

I love my long hair!

Selfie time.

Don't worry, be happy ;)

Bang, bang! Having some fun with friends.

Macaroons! Yummy!!

Double selfie!

Sunset at my lovely city, Aveiro.

New babies, and two colored jeans.

Long hair, don't care ;)

Studying maths :'(

Summer, please come back!

American Horror Story Coven, season finale <3 I'll miss my witches, can't wait for next season - Circus -, though.

Just me and a statue of Homem Cristo, the founder of my highschool. Just for the lolz *forever alone*

Biarritz, France - Summer 2013

My cats paw, cute :)


Currently reading "A Bend in the River", V. S. Naipaul.

"The Wolf of Wall Street" - Amazing movie!

Arnozelo - Summer 2013


Snapchat time! Hellooooo :p

xoxo, Kae